About Us

Patient Data Science LLC. is based in New York, USA. Company was formally incorporated in July 2013. Co-founder Dr. Uzma  father was died due to the after surgery complications at back home country. There was lack of patient and family education- how to care patient after surgery. 

Dr. Uzma  came with the idea how do patients and family get education before and after treatment by a cost effective and timely ways. Great motivation behind to start the company was to provide before and aftercare education to patients and family. How we can assist clinical staff to educate patient and family by using cutting-edge technology to reduce healthcare cost. Co-founder Dr. UZMA believes in that prevention is always cheaper than treatment.   

Uzma Bhatti, PhD in Nano Technology (Co-Founder & CEO)

She earned her PhD in Nano Technology from the University of Cambridge, UK. She Worked in IBM and currently working in College of Nano Science, New York, USA. She has a passion to design and develop new Apps for healthcare to help patients by using cutting-edge technology.  


Mukhtar M. Rana, PhD in Computer Science (CTO)

In July 2013, Dr. Rana joined Patient Data Science as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Sr. Mobile App Developer. He got his PhD in Computer Science from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. He has more than 10 years Application software design and development experience and more than 4 years mobile Apps design and development experience in android, IOS. His area of research is Web Accessibility, user-interface design and mobile Apps security and privacy  for healthcare. He has published and presented more than 20 research papers in the well-known international Journals and conferences.


Patient Data Science LLC has a great future, within 6 months we are able to launch the following Apps for our users;


  • Pressure Ulcer Guide
  • Cholesterol Care Guide
  • Diabetes Care Guide
  • Braden Scale for Pressure Ulcer
  •  Norton Scale for Pressure Ulcer
  • Anger Self Assessment Tool
  • Alcohol Self Assessment Tool
  • US News Papers
  • UK News Papers
  • Link Box  and many more


To know more about our Apps, Please visit the following links;



We also provide the following services to our clients;


  • Design and Develop Mobile Apps for small and Enterprise businesses
  • Design and development of Health Data Science or Health Analytics customized Apps for hospitals and clinics, Pharmaceutical companies and Insurance companies 
  • Health IT Consultancy to hospitals and clinics, Pharmaceutical companies and Insurance companies
  • Health IT Training for patients and clinicians


For more information please contact;

Mukhtar M. Rana, PhD

CTO & Sr. Mobile App Developer

Patient Data Science, LLC

NY, Delmar, 12054, USA

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 9142384853