Health IT Consultancy

Patient Data Science, LLC. offers a complete solution to our valuable customers. We have experienced health IT professionals. We will keep you updated from first step to the last step how your system or mobile App will look like. We will not leave you alone after that, we will fix any issue you have with the App. We have already launched more than 15 mobile Apps  successfully. To see our mobile Apps Click.

We have designed and developed the following mobile Apps;  

  • Pressure Ulcer Guide
  • Braden Scale for Pressure Ulcer
  •  Norton Scale for Pressure Ulcer
  • Self-Care Cholesterol 
  • US NewsPapers
  • UK Newspapers
  • Web Mark
  • Web Dog
  • Link Box
  • Bookmark
  • Happy New Year
  • Happy Valentine Day and many more.


 The Mobile picture on the right is showing screen shots of our mobile Apps.





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