Health IT Training

Everybody knows that the use of Health Information Technology (HIT) has been prompted as having tremendous promise in improving the efficiency, quality, safety and reducing cost of healthcare delivery. Although the promise of Health IT Systems is substantial, across the U.S. healthcare leaders report issues with implementation

One of the greatest indicators of failure-and one of easiest to prevent- is having a "big bang" approach to implementation and EMR training. Research revealed that 73 % of EMR implementation failure is due to lack of training.

The venders are coming in and trying to do everything at once, versus trying to do a little bit each week. Instead of taking 12 weeks to train somebody, they are trying to get it done in one week. In reality they need continues Health IT training and coaching to make IT system successful. Patient Data Science can provide support to implement health IT in your practice at any stage. We offer the following health IT training services;

 Clinician Health IT Training

  • One to One Health IT Training Sessions
  • Group Health IT Training Sessions
  • Super User Health IT Training Sessions
  • Physicians Health IT Training
  • Online Health IT Training or Webinars
  • Health IT Seminars
  • Prepare Training materials and manuals

 Patient Health IT training

  • One to One Health IT Training
  • Group Health IT Training
  • Online Health IT Training or Webinars
  • Prepare Health IT Training materials and manuals


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